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Eartha Kitt: The Most Exciting Woman In The World


sooooooooooooooooooooooooo adore Eartha Kitt!!! Singer. Actress. Gay Icon. And she loves PLU's:

Many celebrities have responded positively to being regarded as gay icons. Several have noted the loyalty of their gay fans; Eartha Kitt and Cher credited gay fans with keeping them going at times when their careers had faltered. from The Gay Book of Lists, 3rd Edition.

My father had this old phonograph and I used to play her LP Record when I'm bored at home. She's a great singer!!! Her voice has character. Up to now I still play her old vinyl record at home. Wierd as it may seem, in the age of cd's and mp3 players, I still prefer our old phonograph. In my next post I'll post a picture of her album, in it she sings a Filipino song! Its sooooo cool!!! Eartha Kitt my goddess knows a song from the Philippine islands. I guess I am what I am today 'coz of Eartha, Goddess.

For those of you who do not know this fabulous personality, at age 80, she is amazingly still very much active in showbusiness. Here are my top 3 favorite characters that Madam Kitt played of recent and not-so-recent times:

  • Yzma in movies The Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove, Emperor's New School - the television series.

  • Queen Vexus in Nickolodeon's My Life as a Teenage Robot.

  • And Finally, the feisty Catwoman of Batman the Television Series in the '60's. Yes! She is the original Catwoman and can purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr like hell! I'll upload one video of her purrrrrrrrrrrring in my next posts to let let you hear what I mean.

Her evil persona makes her an effective actress to play a villain. Personally, she is the queen of the world, 'though the characters she play were never successful in dominating the world...

Queen Eartha, Bless Us. You truly deserve the title: Most Exciting Woman In The World...


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